Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Switch to VOIP

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Switch to VOIP

When VOIP Telecommunications first was introduced, it was widely considered as an unreliable, exclusive and expensive service. Over the years VOIP has improved dramatically and today its the most cost effective and technologically featured solution in the telecom space. However if you still are not convinced that you should Switch to VOIP, here are 5 reason you might want to consider:

It will save you money

Although there are upfront capital expenses to install the new VOIP handsets and infrastructure,  the Switch to VOIP will quickly start paying for itself. Because VOIP calls are an IP (Internet Protocol) based service, you wont have to deal with ridiculous long distance charges. Depending on how many calls you make, you will quickly recoup your initial investment.

Its far easier to manage and support

Because of its digital presence, its much easier to manage. Our technicians can easily connect remotely to the VOIP equipment to resolve any technical issues. This will save costs on expensive call outs and offer quick turn around times to provide support.

Scaling / Upgrading is quick and easy

Again due to its digital platform and because its running on LAN network connections, we can easily add additional handsets and get you up and running without any delay.

It gives you advanced calling features.

VOIP systems offer inexpensive advance calling features. Call Queues, IVR functionality are all standard functions. Users can manage calls from their desktops with a simple mouse click. Call history can easily be obtained via Reporting Software. Supervisors can listen to Call Recordings. These are just some of the many features available on a VOIP platform.

It’s more reliable.

Because VOIP runs on your data network you can build as much redundancy as you require. Calls will not be interrupted as long as the data network is intact.


Still not Convinced you should Switch to VOIP?

Get into contact with us and we will gladly answer any question you may have.

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